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Kirkland, Washington
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Hi.. I was wondering if anyone has taken the CCC exam and if so how did you do. I have taken the exam twice now, 1st time, I ran out of time, this 2nd time I really thought I passed but came close. I am struggling with the vascular territories and coding of those on the exam as my physicians do not do that work in the Cath Lab/IR Lab. There are separate Vascular physicians that do those procedures but that coding is done by Zhealth. I am looking for someone to help me understand the coding of these procedures so I can take this test for the 3rd time and pass. If anyone can help me, I would be so appreciative. I would be willing to do training virtually. I feel like a failure because I have failed this test twice.

Any help or suggestions, ideas will be welcomed. If someone reaches out to me, my email is

thank you.