Question CGM (95250) requirements - removal of sensor


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I'm trying to nail down requirements for billing a 95250, and though I am finding a lot of information there still seem to be some grey areas - or at least areas where I can't find specific enough info to make a final call in my office! We're using equipment provided by our office, so the 95250 is appropriate, and it looks like I should be billing the code with a DOS of when it was placed. My main question (the point of contention with my CDE) has to do with the fact that patients are removing the sensors themselves after 72 hours, and returning to the office sometime following that to return the sensor and provide the readings. Can we still bill the 95250 if we are not the ones removing the sensor, since it is specified as an element in the CPT code description? Everything I'm finding seems to support that we need to fulfill every element in the description in the office in order to bill the code. Is this correct?
Thank you!