Chart review organization needed


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I'm looking for a company who can put together a proposal to do some remote off site chart reviews for a large multi specialty physcian group of approximately 70 providers. Each chart review will consist of 10-15 charts from different specialties to include new/est e/m services, office procedures, surgical procedures and any high risk OIG codes. This organization will also need to come on site on 09-25-08 to do an overall presentation to physicians during an evening coding training seminar that will last 2-3 hours. They will also need to work with the coding/compliance staff who will review the chart audits submitted by outside agency and review the results with the physicians and may need assistance from outside agency with clarification. Obviously pushing a deadline here, so would need a proposal to be completed ASAP and submitted for review. Any interested organizations could contact Chris Felthauser, Coding and Compliance Manager at for further clarification and any additional details.

If anyone has any suggestions of who they have used in the past and could recommend I would appreciate it. Kind of getting behind the 8 ball here, as this has to happen fairly quickly and move forward. Thanks for all responses. Chris