Question Coding should this be billed? Please help!

Nashville, TN
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Our pulmonary physician is the attending physician for a patient in the hospital during their entire inpatient stay. The patient is discharged from inpatient hospital care (our doc did discharge summary), given a new Id#, but stays in the same bed and Hospice takes over their care there at the hospital. Our doctor is also the attending physician for the inpatient hospice care and did the H&P for that. Question is.... can our doctor bill a Discharge from Hospital Inpatient care and Admission to Inpatient Hospice on the same day if the patient is in the same facility and same bed? Or would this just be a continuation of care and we should bill subsequent visits?

When I looked this up it appears that you cannot bill both the same day unless the patient is transferred to a different facility that uses a separate EHR system.

Someone please help! I'm finding nothing on this type of situation.