Coding with modifiers


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I have been billing for a physical rehabilitation practice that consists of an MD's,DC's and massage therapists. Our Chiro's oversee therapy given by MT. I was told when I started working here which codes to use and how they pay. I'm not very clear on the modifier thing. I bill primarily PIP/Auto insurance. When I submit a claim for instance Chiro does an adjustment on the cervical,thoracic and lumbar area and the therapist does massage or manual therapy I was told I can't bill both for the same areas and I use a 59 modifier. I would code 98940 839.00, 97124-59 or 97140-59 847.1 847.2. I don't get it it is done by 2 seperate providers. Could I not code all 3 areas for both by using the 59 modifier? Help