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I am curious to see if anyone can answer my question. I am currently a CPC with 3 years of experience. I work in a radiology coding environment ONLY. Not a ton of interventional, but we do some. How difficult is it going to be for me to switch to a hospital or clinic based setting? I love my current position, but would like to branch out and actually use my certification at some point. I would like to do remote coding and work from home some day, but since I don't have any experience in hospital or clinic based setting I am worried I will drown. I am a little discouraged by the amount of people I see posting they cannot find coding positions, even with my experience.


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Have you checked with your local Chapter? Put some feelers out there with your Chapter President and Officers, and other chapter members and get a more informed answer in your area from them. There will be a learning curve since you are saying you have only coding in radiology, however a good manager should be able to take you under your wing if you can prove your grit and value to them during your interview. Be confident and assertive (without being too arrogant), and I think you should be ok. You should have the coding foundations down, and perhaps brush up on your materials you had when you did your CPC exam/course.

Coding interviews often have a coding assessment test, which is why I recommend you brush up on your modifiers, guidelines and other coding rules that should get you through such a test.
As you are writing, I would be hesitant to dive into full remote coding at this point, since your coding experience is a bit specialized. I only coded E/M visits for my first 2 years of coding, but was then able to branch out to regular coding and now again I am in another specialized coding area. I would start applying now if you want to spread out more and continue to learn in the coding world.

Yes, there will be people that for one reason or another cannot find that coding job. This could be due to they are not ready yet, interview didn't go well, applications didn't fit the job posting, hiring manager didn't click with you, or just plain poor timing. Remember that while there are a good handful of posters who are frustrated (which is legit enough) about not being able to get a job, there are so many more people who got their coding job, but didn't post about it. Try not to get too discouraged, but use that to fuel your determination.

Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you have any specialized questions/concerns!