CPT 33274 Micra pacemaker followed by AV junction ablation

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Does anyone have any resources/recommendation if physician documents...Rt femoral vein cannulated sheath was advance, upsided for 14 sheath and advanced. exchanged for the delivery system for Micra 23 French system, prepped and delivered Micra and implanted the device more septally in the RV. It was deployed w/ adequate sensing, capture thresholds and impedances. Suture was cut away after adequate tug test, we left a long sheath in place. A Celsius F 8mm tip ablation cath was advanced and positioned in AV junction, RF was delivered w/ ultimate development of complete heart block and backup VVI pacing noted via the Micra device. Ultimately rates were increased to 90 to support initially, the procedure was deemed complete.
Would it be appropriate to report 93650 ablation with CPT code 33274 or is it included? Thank you in advance!