Question Craniotomy for removal of lymph node

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My doctor performed surgery to remove a postauricular and retromastoid lymph node, subcutaneous. He placed the patient in supine position and incised the left preauricular and retro mastoid area and made an incision over the subcutaneous mass and was taken deep below the galea. He excised a small reactive lymph node. No other abnormality was found. Incision was closed and sterile dressing was applied.

It doesn't seem to me to be a full craniotomy but at a loss for a correct code. Removal of lymph nodes does not show anything cranially. It was not malignant. Any ideas?
Post auricular and mastoid lymph nodes are listed as superficial (at surface) thus I would look at:
38500 Biopsy or excision of lymph node(s); open, superficial
Lymph nodes at surface:
1. Occipital (retroauricular)
2. Mastoid
3. Superficial parotid
4. Deep parotid
5. Preauricular
6. Infra-auricular
7. Intraglandular parotid
Facial lymph nodes:
8. Buccinator
9. Nasolabial
10. Mandibular
11. Anterior cervical (superficial jugular)
12. Superficial cervical (external jugular)
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