Question Dissection/mobilization of arteries

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The Cardiovascular surgeon was called into an orthopedic surgery to mobilize and protect the arteries during the surgery. I'm at a loss as to what should be billed for the Cardiovascular surgeon.

Procedure Note:

Given the findings on angiogram, and the intra-operative findings , Dr. X called me to help with mobilization and protection of the axillary and brachial artery.

I helped dissect the axillary / brachial artery and encircle it with vessel loops. Significant external compression by the fracture was present. I carefully mobilized and encircled the artery with vessel loops. This helped with gentle traction while Dr. X was able to reduce the fracture and stabilize it as detailed in his note.

After reduction and plating of the fracture, the vessel loops were removed. The artery had a strong pulse and triphasic doppler signal was present in the right axillary, brachial, radial and ulnar arteries.