Does 33478 include RV resection (33476)


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In the code explanation for 33476 it says: Cardiopulmonary bypass is initiated. The right ventricular infundibular muscle is opened and the obstructing muscle bands are cut out. The valve may also need to be opened. If so, the valve is cut open. The hole in the right ventricle is closed with a patch of pericardium. Cardiopulmonary bypass is discontinued when heart function returns. Report 33478 if the operation is performed with a gusset, with or without commissurotomy or infundibular resection.

The words “if the operation is performed” are a little confusing. Do they refer to the 33476 procedure? Does this mean that code 33478 cannot be billed unless the RV resection is performed in addition to the outflow tract augmentation?