Question E/M Psychiatrist and Internal Med

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I am an outside consultant for an inpatient behavioral health facility with a focus on diagnosis coding and chart compliance; my coding niche', per se, is acute inpatient facility coding. The facility has recently requested a review of the CPTs currently charged for the psychiatrist and the IM/NP that follows each patient during admission. Unfortunately I am not an expert in E/M for facilities so I am needing some assistance with the following scenario (this was presented to me by the facility):

Scenario: What is the appropriate physician codes to be using by the psychiatrist and the internal med professional, respectively? In other words, inpatient psych eval vs. psych inpatient h&p and the subsequent visits.
Every patient receives a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation within 60hrs (this could be a typo, I was under the impression it was within 24hrs?) of admission by the attending physician and also receives a comprehensive h&p exam by a different internal med/NP. The patient the receives follow-up visits by the attending or his NP every 72hrs minimum and then a follow-up visit by the different internal med dr/NP every 7 days minimum. Both physicians visitng the patient in the hospital setting. This applies to every patient that is admitted to the facility.

I have read through various resources, but I would like for anyone to offer guidance on how to interpret and provide the correct CPT code for this facility. Thanks so much :)