EP Ablations for a-fib for 2013

Margaret Morgan

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I saw the webinar on the cardiology changes for 2013 and I have a questions Dr. Dunn didn't address.

For a-fib ablations we currently use 93651 for the pulmonary veins isolation (PVI) &/or for a-fib ablation in which the pulmonary veins are not isolated.

For 2013 if my physicians do an ablation for a-fib but DON"T isolate the pulmonary veins, what code do I use?

Do I use the 93656 even do they didn't isolate the pulmonary veins or do I add a 52 modifier (I don't like that solution) or do I use 93653 (SVT or other atrial focus)?

Did Dr. Dunn or Dr. Z address this in a different webinar or seminar?

Has a Linda Gates-Striby seminar or webinar address this issue?

Has the HRS said anything about this?

Any advice or comments would be helpful.
Thank you.
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