Question Excision of olecranon ossicle


Brunswick, ME
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My provider is doing an upcoming surgery and his MA asked me for assistance with getting a code in order for the surgery to get approved by insurance.
The provider is calling the procedure an excision of olecranon ossicle of the elbow, which does not have a specific code on it's own. His MA informed me that the bone fragment is still partially attached, so she was not sure if the "loose body" code would be sufficient. When I googled the stated procedure (I could not locate a code in the book), I came across 24120 - Excision of curettage of bone cyst or benign tumor of head or neck of radius or olecranon process - however, the MA stated that it was a bone fragment from a fracture that is still partially attached.
Should she authorize both the "loose body" 29834 and another code for the Olecranon Ossicle excision? Or just the loose body?
If she should use a code for the Olecranon Ossicle excision, what code should be used for this procedure?
I will have to code this after surgery, so some insight to what I would be looking for would be helpful.
Thank you in advance for any assistance with this.
Debb :)