Fracture care

Bloomington, Indiana
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I'm really new to Fracture care codeing**
Pt. had bike accident 12/2, went to MD on 12/4. That doctor said nothing fractured*
pt came home before christmas, still in pain. Went to see our doctor.
Doctor examined and did xray. billed for OV and xray
also billed for fracture care, but no splint or cast placement.
I'm thinking that OV and xray to be billed only
What is Fracture care?
here is the Office notes:
Chief Complaint
the cheif Complaint is. pt was in bike accident injured right arm xrays done 12/4/11 in South Carolinia, decreased rom r arm but pt states now doing better.
History of Present Ilness
67 year old mail. Right arm inj 12/2/11, after fall off bike on black top landed onto right lateral elbow and abrasions on right lateral knee right posterior sholder and right later hip, noLOC but "hit pretty Hard" able to ride back in 40 more miles to get home, but increased soreness right distal upper arm to proximal forearm, by Sat night concered b/c increased pain swelling and stiffness right elbow seen at urgent care w/ xrays told "No fracture" no medications but recommended sling and cold/ice pack wore sling for 1 day and continued ice 72 hour but no other treatment except 2 tabs OTC pain at rest but increased pain with ratation up to 3-4/10 but less this week down to 1/10, and still concerned about persistent discomfort while riding over "rough section of road" while holding handle bars with mild stiffness worsening every few miles.
Skin in tact with no scars, bruises or abrasions. There is no erythema or increased warmth.
Inspection: there is normal alignment of bony promiences and musculature both in extension and flexion of the elbow normal carrying angle and the extremity is symmetric with the opposite extremity.
thanks for your time in this matter