FTRD by Ovesco coding help


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Does anyone have experience in billing FTRD by Ovesco? I'm unsure of the proper coding method.
The provider entered an unlisted procedure code. Is that correct or is there a defined CPT that would be more appropriate?
If not, what would it be similar to, so that I can price it accurately?

---The examined esophagus was normal. A through-the-scope (TTS) balloon dilator was passed through the scope. The
upper esophagus was empirically dilated with an 18-19-20 mm balloon dilator under direct endoscopic guidance over a
guidewire to a maximum diameter of 20 mm to facilitate full-thickness resection device (FTRD) passage. There was no
bleeding, mucosal tearing or signs of perforation at the dilation site
---One 10 mm submucosal-appearing nodule was found in the medial wall of the duodenal bulb, immediately distal to the
pylorus, consistent with known NET. The lesion margins were marked with electrocautery tip soft coagulation. A
therapeutic gastroscope preloaded with the gastroduodenal FTRD by Ovesco was passed through the mouth to the
duodenal bulb over a guidewire assisted by use of the included TTS balloon dilator. The lesion was identified. The
lesion was withdrawn into the FTRD cap via use of a grasper without suction. The over-the-scope clip was deployed
and the lesion was resected with a hot snare. Second look endoscopy confirmed esophageal integrity, presence of a
patent pylorus, no signs of free perforation, and adequate over-the-scope clip placement.

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