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In the ED the radiology dept bills for the CT/US/Xray
The ED provider has the option to either bill the EKG cpt and or count it towards mdm as determined.
When there are repeat EKG to evaluate the same presenting problem we are advised to consider one ekg as independent interpretation and the other as a cpt.

It has been outlined to me in my coding department that should both of these show up as independent interpretation in the progress note that count the other CT/US/Xray towards independent interpretation of tests and code the cpt for ekg.

For instance an ekg and a CT were performed with 3+ labs for a presenting condition.
The progress note has:
independent interpretation EKG: sinus tachycarda, rate 112, no significant ST elevation nor depressions.
independent interpretation CT: no pathological finding with aorta nor heart.

Due to the finalized note:
the problem was determined to be HIGH
the data - 3+ labs and independent interpretation of test for CT EXTENSIVE
99285 + ekg 93010

Is this considered a good, acceptable practice?