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I am looking for official guidelines that states whether or not a physician (who signed orders for infusion) needs to co sign the progress/procedure note of the infusion that was performed by RN


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I have never seen any official regulation requiring a physician to cosign infusion documentation. In a facility setting, it would be impossible in any case. The physician must sign the order, but the administration itself would be within the scope of practice of the RN so could be documented and signed by the RN since they are the ones performing the service. This has always been sufficient in the facilities where I have coded infusions.

If done in the office, in order to meet the 'incident to' requirements, the service must have been directly supervised by the physician. Because of this, it would certainly not be a bad idea to have a signed physician attestation that they were present in the office and available at all times so that in the event that an auditor questioned this there would be no doubt. But I've not seen any requirement just for a co-signature, which by itself would not mean much.