Injection/Infusions that run into next day

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IVP/Hydration services question:
If an IVP is given from 11am to 1102 and hydration soon follows from 1115am to 1215p; the initial charge would be the IVP 96374 and could an additional hydration charge 96361 be given after the first 31 minutes (1115am to 1146am) 31 minutes for the first hour 96361? Or would the patient have to have 91+ minutes of hydration for 96361 to be billed out?


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I work as an ED Charge Analyst, coding ED Records for a hospital, facility based. We're having a discussion on how to bill for I/I's that run over midnight into the next day. Examples:

Problem #1: Hydration 2324-0048

Problem #2: Infusion 2305-0045

Problem #3: Hydration 2005-0625

Problem #4: Normal Saline 2315-0115, Zofran 2345 & 0045

Thank you all for any help you can give us.
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Our facility codes the date of service for a given code as the date that the particular infusion service was started. If a subsequent infusion was started the following date but during the same encounter, we code the subsequent date that it was started for that line item, but still code as part of the same encounter, i.e. we would not assign a new initial service code since it is still part of the same encounter and service from the prior date. As far as I know, we've had no problems with any of our payers accepting our coding this way.