iTind for BPH


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I'm researching the use of iTind devices for BPH. I've found guidance suggesting the use of unlisted codes for this procedure, but based on the description of the iTind device, I believe 53855 (Insertion of a temporary prostatic urethral stent, including urethral measurement) would be an appropriate CPT code. Does anyone have experience coding these in production? Any advice? Thanks!
Researching this further, it seems 53855 would be most appropriate for commercial plans, and per CMS C9769 for Medicare plans. Again, if anyone has any real world experience coding and billing this I would appreciate any input. Thanks again!
Hi! Please see the files attached. I received these directly from the Director of Field Reimbursement with Olympus. I hope this helps!


  • iTind Letter of Medical Necessity.pdf
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  • Physician Claim Form iTind Imp HOPD-ASC (1).pdf
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  • Physician Claim Form iTind Removal (1).pdf
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  • 2023 iTind Reimbursement v1 (1).pdf
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