Question Jejunostomy Tube Removal Done as outpatient


Dighton, MA
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Hello Everyone:

Cannot find a code for this procedure and I came across an article that this can/should be included in the E&M. But this patient had this done as an outpatient. Not sure if I should bill for an E&M or unlisted? but if unlisted what do you compare it to?

The area and the operating field was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion with ChloraPrep. 3-minute dry out time was observed. Then I utilized a 025% bupivacaine plain and infiltrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Then a horizontal skin incision was made using #15 blade along the previous scar. The skin was cut, subc tissue was cut using the eletrocautery. Anterior rectus muscle sheath was identified and was opened. The feeding Jejunostomy tue was identified and the tract was opened to find the cuff which was in the rectus muscle. The cuff was further released then the tube easily came out and was discarded. The tract was packed with quarter inch iodoform packing. The anterior rectus sheath was closed Vicryl continuous fashion. Skin was closed with staples.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance