Question Lisfranc ORIF with ligament reconstruction


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Procedures: Open reduction and internal fixation first and second tarsometatarsal joints, Lisfranc ligament reconstruction with Arthrex TightRope technique.
Per op note following the ORIF: Arthrex internal brace TightRope was then introduced. This was introduced in retrograde fashion with the sutures being introduced from the base of the metatarsal pulled across to the plantar medial aspect of the medial cuneiform. The button was secured on the lateral margin of the metatarsal. We then loaded button on to the suture medially and a counter incision had been made over the cuneiform. This button was then cinched down to the bone and secured in place with 7 throws placed in the knot. Sutures were then cut. We did assess stability of the Lisfranc interval and the TightRope and both were found to be stable. Both buttons were noted to be flush to the bone.
Is there a code for ligament repair or is this included in 28615?
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