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Greeley, CO
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I have a physician that has several non-contracted physicians that see in her practice a few days a week and she wants to bill their office visits as locum tenen. They typically see on her days off and she feels that because she is not in office and the physicians are "independent contractors" that this falls under the locum tenen rule. Can someone please help me? Am I wrong in advising her that this is not what locum tenen is set up for or educate me further please?


True Blue
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As I understand the rule, it is acceptable for the provider to use a locum tenens arrangement in this manner as long as the billing physician is absent and unavailable to provide services to patients at the times that the substitute physician is working. I believe it does not have to be for a continuous period of time - it is allowable to do this intermittently. However, I'd note that this arrangement is only allowed for a period of up to 60 days. Beyond that, the physician would need to enroll these providers and bill their services under their own credentials.