Looking for an IR Coding instructor


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Courtney. I would love to work for your company as an IR Coding Instructor.
My name is Erik Brown, CIRCC, CPC.
I am an expert in Coding, Auditing and abstracting all Interventional Radiology/ Cardiovascular/ Vascular and Endovascular Revascularization procedures. The unique thing about me is I am an expert in the guidelines of each individual vascular family, the distinct Arterial and Venous families, Non-selective, Selective and super selective catheterizations and the order of each vessel in each family. Diagnostic Angiography and Venography.
I study all new NCCI Edits released each year and I am at a mastery level of efficiency in the Bundling and unbundling of certain inte interventions and Di agnostic imaging.
I sit down face to face with my current IR/CV Physicians weekly and I provide rigorous training, feedback and education on all specific documentation requirements for each procedure rendered and the medical necessity requirements for certain procedures who h have more strict guidelines. I have trained over 50 physicians, hospitals and surgeons on E/M 1995&1997 Guidelines and perfect precise time documentation when time dominates a consultation or office visit.
I have a multitude of specialty coding expertise however IR is my pedigree and I love educating coders.on IR and slowly breaking down complex documentation and providing concise rationale on the reason we assign each code in every given case.