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Is someone able to clarify if a patient has to be present for a mental health assessment to be completed (state of Oregon)? We have a new provider to our facility (FQHC) who has some of her previous clients from her private practice transferring with her to be seen under our facility. The provider states she already has assessments on file for these patients and is wondering if she can just "transfer" the assessment and bill or if she needs to bring each client in for an appointment to re-evaluate and update their assessment plan.

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we are running into this same question.. We are also a large FQHC and We have hired a new MD that is bringing a large number of patients with them..
We are trying to figure out the best route to go.. We are leaning towards requiring re-evaluations 90792 for their first appointments because they are establishing care with our practice.. if they need new referrals for therapy/authorizations done to make sure all of our requirements are met that may not have been at the previous practice.

I also had an issue with one of our BH payers before that would not pay an established patient EM code when their PCP was seeing them for their anxiety because they did not have an initial evaluation claim on file..
But that is the grey area..
Are they going to register the initial evaluation that is on file with the provider but under the previous group/tax ID?
Because that could essentially cause payment or denial if that makes sense. Payment for established patient codes if they register it. but they could also deny as a exceeding limitations etc.. I am not sure if my logic even makes sense but just figured it would not hurt to respond and get someone else's perspective!