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Need Help - Evac of Axillary Hematoma w/ Ligation of vessel


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Please help coding the following OP report:

PreOp Dx: Rt. Axilarry hematoma w/ active bleeding
PostOp Dx: Same

Procedure: 1. Evacuatiojn of Rt. axillary hematome w/ ligation o bleeding vessel
2. complex closure

Pt is a 69 year old gentleman status post excision of rt axillary mass. He is on dialysis and each time he is dialyzed he develops bledding w/i axilla.

Pt has active bleeding w/i the rt axilla. Clot was evacuated and at the base of the clot there was a patent vein which had been previously transected and the end protion was noted. This was suture ligated with 3-0 Monocryl in a figure of wight type suture. Wound was irrigated again and the axillary tisues were then reaproximated with 3-0 Monocryl in a runnign fashion in multiple layers.

I know the code for the closure, but I just can find on for the evacuation or vein ligation.


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What code did you ever end up using? I've got a similar case, post operative bleeding. Physician removed clots and suture ligated small blood vessels. I have no idea what to do!