Nurse Practitioner billing- please advise


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I am receiving conflicting information if they can work independently to see new patients.
We are an infertility clinic in the state of NY.

Any feedback would be appreciated!
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Are you asking about whether they are permitted by scope of practice to see new patients independently?
Or whether you may bill for them to independently see new patients?
And by "independently" do you mean they are still in some way supervised or collaborate with a physician but are seeing the patient without the physician present?
If you are receiving conflicting information, it may be because you are confusing incident to billing and scope of work. My guess is you are seeing information as it relates to incident to billing and interpreting that as the NP may not see new patients. NPs and PAs may absolutely see a new patient without a supervising physician present, but must bill under their own credentials. Incident to billing is when the NP or PA sees the patient, but billing is done under the supervising physician. Incident to has several requirements, including the physician must be present in the suite, and it must be an established patient with an established problem with a plan of care. You will get less reimbursement billing with the NP credentials, but it is required for new patients.
If you could provide additional information, that may be helpful.