Oversight during an EGD


Lodi, CA
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I have a pt who underwent an EGD with biopsy. Three specimens were collected. After the procedure was completed, the endoscopist realized that she should have used a clean pair of forceps to retrieve the third specimen. The patient was wheeled back to the endoscopy suite from PACU, inducted for anesthesia and a new specimen from the same site as the third was obtained. I now have two anesthesia reports but only one EGD report.

I vaguely remember when I was completing my coding classes, it was mentioned that for errors made by provider/ surgeon which resulted to a repeat of the procedure, the pt shall not be billed for the repeat procedure. I could not find an official reference that I can attached to the second anesthesia report to justify why I am not coding it. I may be wrong in what I recall. So if someone else have done something different for the same scenario, I'd appreciate the guidance.

Thank you.