Question Penile Skin Tethering?


Clearwater, FL
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How would you suggest I code this? Would this qualify as a circumcision revision?

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Altered circumcision incision line.
PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Revision of circumcision.
DETAILS OF PROCEDURE: This gentleman has presented to us with the above-mentioned problem.
He has dropped a good bit of weight in the process though, he had had a circumcision which left him
tethered substantially on the ventral surface of his phallus. There was a web right on up to the frenulum
and this was causing quite a bit of troubles with every erection. So, options were discussed. We felt that
a web resection underneath the circumcision line would be most appropriate to take care of this problem.
So, he received appropriate preoperative antibiotics in the holding area. He was taken to the operating
room, given a general anesthetic. A timeout was taken for identification purposes. He was then placed in
the dorsal lithotomy position, prepped and draped in a sterile fashion, and a diamond shaped wedge was
taken from the ventral surface of the phallus and also from the anterior wall of the scrotum. This was
about one finger width of excess skin left. The dartos was closed with a 3-0 running Vicryl and then the
skin was closed over 4-0 subcuticularly. I think we have taken care of the problem at least immediate
postoperative look as it appears that it should stop his tethering. The wound was appropriately bandaged.
He tolerated the procedure well and was returned to the recovery room in stable condition.