physician ophthalmology billing


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does anyone know the way to bill 92235 IFVA and 92250 Fundus Photos ? my physicians send me the billing ticket but from my understanding we bill for the interprets for these test and shouldn't be billing until the physicians interprets them,, so would it be ok to say that the clinic shouldn't send me these test until they are interpreted ?? if they send before how will i know which ones are read and which aren't ? any other physician billing these , how do you go about ?
FA and Fundus Photo Billing

If your physicians are performing these services in their own office setting then you can bill for the entire service (not just the interpretation). The date the service is performed is the date you should bill. Only if the services are performed outside of your office setting would you use the 26 modifier (for the interpretation-professional component only). 92235 is a unilateral code so you should bill for each eye tested. 92250 is a bilateral code and should only be billed once.