Question Post Procedure Radiology Ordered Pre Procedure


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Does anyone know of any rules surrounding a surgeon ordering a radiology exam pre-procedure to be performed post-procedure?

We’re looking to improve a workflow and revisiting a question on a process that we do just because “we’ve always done it this way” and I want to make sure we’re compliant in ordering if we make any changes. Example:
When a provider is scheduling an angiogram procedure, specifically the range of codes 37220 through 37226, they know that two weeks post-op they will want the patient to have two tests (CPTs 93922 and 93926) to confirm the success of the procedure and to establish a new baseline arterial status. We perform these tests in office and the interpreting physician is in office. Historically the provider has never ordered these tests pre procedure to be performed post procedure. My question is if the diagnosis that will be used for the post procedure tests is the same diagnosis (I70.213) that is already listed in the patients progress note pre procedure, can the provider order the tests pre procedure to be done at the two week follow up visit?

Any help is appreciated!