Pre Op H&P by surgeon preforming procedure

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I have a patient who was admitted for a Pacemaker relocation procedure. The surgeon did a quick H&P the day before the surgery. From my research I have found that this should be included in the Global charge of the procedure. But what code would I use to show the H&P visit was done the day before? I do not think I can use a 99024 as that is a Post Op code.

Thank you in advance!
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It is correct that the H&P prior is included since the decision for surgery was already established. I do not believe there is a specific code for this. From my experience, offices generally do 1 of 4 different things:
1) Don't bill or code anything.
2) Create an internal code just for your office to reconcile the encounter that does not get billed to insurance
3) Use 99024 even though it states postop
4) Enter an E&M code with 0 charge

I personally prefer option 2. That makes it very trackable later if needed.

Hope this helps!