Question Psych NP billing in a family practice

Grand Isle, Vermont
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Does anybody work in a family practice that also has a psychiatric nurse practitioner? One of our nurse practitioners just graduated and will now be a psychiatric nurse practitioner, she asked me if there's any difference with the billing for a psych provider vs. the charges she's been doing as a regular NP. We have one other psychiatric nurse practitioner that joined our clinic a couple of years ago and she just does an E/M charge like a regular office visit, are we missing out on any other codes that we could be using? We never really thought about it, the psych provider does her charges and we put them through, assuming she would have been adding any other codes if she could have, but now we're second guessing ourselves after finding out that she works for a flat fee regardless of how many patients she sees, so she's not necessarily concerned with the amount of money she brings into the clinic (not that it's all about the money, but....). Thank you for any input.