Remote HCC Coders Needed

Arcadia, CA
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Apex Codemine is happy to extend our coding opportunities to all qualified HCC coders currently looking for an extra stream of income this upcoming HCC season (November through End of March 2020). This is a contractor 1099 position, 100% REMOTE, seasonal/short-term, and coding hours flexible.

Requirements and Qualifications
  1. More than 1 year of ongoing HCC experience
  2. CPC or CPC-A or equivalent through the AAPC or AHIMA, CRC preferred, but not required
  3. Must have at least 12 months of active HCC coding experience.
  4. A valid coding credential with a valid expiration date
  5. Required to commit to a minimum of 25.00 coding hours per week, no exceptions.
  6. Etc.
If you wish to be considered and would like to secure your position, please email and provide the following:
1. Recent resume
2. Valid coding certification with a valid expiration date
3. Coding hours Monday-Friday including weekends. 25.00 coding hours minimum.

We will review and submit resume to the client for consideration. Once approved, each candidate will need to pass HCC Online assessment to join our projects.

Thank you.