Question Same day Subsequent IP E/M @ Loc A transfer to Loc B New admit?


Mckinney, TX
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Preface: My Physician group works at multiple hospitals in the area, mainly running the ICUs.

I have a situation where one of my providers saw a patient at Hospital A for a subsequent visit and supposed to be a procedure then was informed the procedure could not be done at Hosp A. Patient was informed and given option of discharge and reschedule for following week or transfer to another hosp. Patient chose transfer. Same day patient was transferred to Hosp B for new admit. My same MD did the H&P plus the procedure. Patient remained at Hosp B for several days after.

Would you code as:
99232 - Hosp A
99222-25 +Procedure Hosp B

Or Skip the subsequent and bill the new admit and procedure? Or what other suggestions do you have?