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Honea Path, SC
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Hey, I have my CPC and I am looking for a good coding job either in the area or Remotely from home. Need help...I am not sure where to start. It seems that a lot of jobs want more certification than what I have.


Vancouver, WA
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Congratulations on getting your CPC! You're in good company because coders are in high-demand right now. We know CPC is typically geared towards outpatient medical coding. My main recommendation for you is to keep being very proactive, and stay focused throughout your job search.

Here are some specific recommendations based on what I've done so far:

1. Set up a LinkedIn profile, with a clean, professional layout.
2. Set up your job profile on hospital websites such as Legacy, Providence, and PeaceHealth.
3. Check out (i.e. physically go to) AAPC meetings here in Vancouver or near where you live. I've been to some AAPC meetings and last time I went, a lady was passing out business cards for a coder they needed to hire on an urgent basis at The Vancouver Clinic.
4. Go to Job Fairs. I've been to 2 so far at my college. Dress professionally and bring your professional portfolio and several copies of your resume. What happened? After talking with an HR rep at the job fair, he hand-delivered my resume to the director of coding at Legacy and now I'm going to do an internship with them this summer through my college.
5. Do a "self-interview". Practice job interviews. Why do I want to hire you?
6. Research. Do a google search of any or all companies you are interested in working for. Learn about those companies, their history, their values, etc. and have ~3-4 questions set up for them about the company to learn more.
7. Share your resume with someone with more experience to make it stand out more while reflecting who you truly are.
8. Set up an indeed account and upload your resume. I've had recruiters reach out to me just by having my resume on Also, you can set up job alerts to get emails based on time intervals that you choose.
9. Just because a job posting says "3-4 years of experience required", don't let that discourage you, and if you truly feel you are a good fit for the job, apply, apply, apply.

Hope this helps! I'm taking the CPC exam end of June 2016. I'm currently re-studying anatomy and watching Youtube videos to be better prepared.

- Jacob