Question SNF Billing 99306


Vero Beach, FL
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My provider is covering for another provider in a nursing home (SNF). He is not in the same practice/group as the provider he is covering. When he sees patients for the first time, would we bill the initial nursing home visit (99304-99306) even if the patient has been in the nursing home being seen by the provider he is covering? My provider thinks because this is the first time he is seeing the patient, he can charge an initial visit because he is establishing care and has to review the patients chart in order to treat the patient. I do not agree with this at all. I feel we should be billing 99307-99309. If he admits a patient while covering, then he can bill an initial visit (99304-99306). I am not able to find definitive information on this subject and it would be great to have the information to provide to him. Any information would be greatly appreciated.