SNF Discharge (99315/99316) Question

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Hi all,
I got an email from one of my providers that has me a little stumped. I've been combing the internet but can't seem to get the information I need. Any guidance would be so helpful. I think the easiest way to remedy this is with the "interrupted stay" rule??

EDIT: I should mention this is at a SNF facility.

"We are finding sometimes that patient's are planning to be discharged and a provider bills a discharge summary ( 99315 or 99316), but then for some reason the discharge doesn't happen.
Sometimes we are only in the facilities once or twice a week depending on the size and may not be told that a discharge is canceled.
The patient will then be seen again for an acute visit ( 99309 for example).

1. Is there anything that needs to be done on our end regarding that discharge summary if the patient does not leave on that expected date? Do we send a request to not bill if it is beyond a certain day past that discharge summary and the patient is still here?
2. Is there any problem billing a subsequent visit after a discharge summary is billed?
3. If the patient is then later discharged again- is it ok to do another discharge summary? I would assume only one would get reimbursed at this point. "
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