ST/ OT/ PT 96154 alternate?


St Petersburg
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Good afternoon. A practice I do billing for has used the code 96154 to describe some of the carryover parent training for continuation of therapy that is needed with some of their patients. The issue is that 96154 is not considered within the scope of practice for SLP's OT's and PT's. Claims have been paid, but I am expecting recoupments. The work is valid and the proper documentation is being done. The diagnosis are appropriate. Is there an alternate CPT code that anyone can think of that would be usable that would describe parent involvement in the therapy session to ensure crossover of therapy into real world settings. We have Downs Syndrome and Cerebral palsy dx for example. I feel that I could appeal a scope of practice denial, but if there is an alternate CPT code that I haven't discovered that others have used I would appreciate knowing about it.
Thanks very much!