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Cincinnati, OH
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I have taken the 1st exam and failed. I need to know the best way to study for the exam. I am studying the atrial system individually, just to start. I have the CIRCC study guide and interventional Radiology guide that I am using as my study guides. I am self-teaching and I am a radiology coder. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It was expensive but my employer helped with the cost, but I attended Dr. Z's (Zhealth publishing) weeklong in person coding seminar (this was before he offered online classes). Or do the online coding class and take the CUE test which will remind you of the CIRCC test. Dr. Z is one of the test writers, so I find learning from him and being able to ask questions in class and directly to him after classes really help me. if you have one of his coding books (I suggest the IR one), pay attention to the examples at the end of each section. Good luck! Margaret