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Does anyone have a family practice superbill they can email at for me to use?
I’m a new practice manager with little experience as practice manager. My physician is using a really old superbill.
Also if anyone is willing to talk to me about ensuring my physician is being paid her maximum from the insurances I’d appreciate the guidance. Her practice is a year old. I have physician office mgmt experience and over 10 years as a biller and coder. I’m helping her get her office and flow together. I want to see her succeed. She is awesome! Thanks in advance.


True Blue
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Sorry - my old superbill is for gynonc & ancient as we haven't used paper superbills in 8+ years. I'm not sure how many people updated their superbills for telehealth.
Regarding "being paid her maximum from the insurances"... She likely signed contracts with standard fee schedules. From my experience, as an individual practice it is very difficult (perhaps impossible) to negotiate your fee schedule if there are any other physicians anywhere near you. So, unless you are the only doc providing a specific service in 100 miles, it is not worth the futile effort to negotiate your fee schedule.
I DO highly recommend joining an IPA if you are an independent practice. IPAs are groups of independent practices that have negotiating power with payors and with suppliers. After years of trying to negotiate our fee schedule (including hiring a consulting firm), we joined an IPA and for some carriers, the payments went up by almost 30% for some payors. Definitely look into IPAs in your area. It was well worth the fee and having to meet certain metrics. Depending on the IPA, you still retain almost all of the freedom of being an independent practice. Contact your local IPAs and read through the contracts. While they are typically prohibited from disclosing the exact fee schedules to non-members, you can usually find out which payors they have negotiated with. And the IPA contract should also specify what metrics/information you need to supply.

Good luck!