Question Surgical Assistant Modifier


Des Moines, IA
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I have a Licensed Surgical Assistant in TX billing for 59514-AS, 58700-AS or 58552-AS, 57283-AS or 59514-AS while the primary surgeon is billing for 59510. My understanding is that the AS Modifier is for PA's, NP's or CNS. Therefore how are Licensed Surgical Assistants supposed to bill for their services? Do they some how fall under this category? Any feed back or direction would be appreciated.
This is carrier discretion in whether it is billable and whether it is payable. In my experience, I've never seen a carrier that would consider this billable or payable.
I have only seen coverage for an assistant that is a PA, NP, CNM or other CNS. And the PA, NP, CNM or other CNS would typically need to be credentialed by the carrier.