TeleHealth Billing question for Distant Site Providers


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Soha, a Nurse Practitioner licensed in North Dakota, who is located in another state (I think Michigan?), will see patients, who are located in our facility, via video. We need to figure out how and what we can bill, and the best location to do it in. We would like to have the patient located in the RHC (rural health clinic), for ease of service. Arcadian will not be billing the patient or their insurance, we will be doing that. We will have to enroll Soha with our facility with the insurance companies and we will have to bill Medicare to the state where Soha is physically located. Is this a state law?

Can we bill for both the professional service for the provider, and the telemedicine visit? (both the distant and originating site)

Would we be able to bill for Soha’s professional services through the RHC or would she not be an RHC provider if she is not located physically in the RHC?

Should we bill her pro fee to Medicare part B and our telemed visit through the RHC?

Should we consider something different and bill through our Critical Access Hospital?

Can anyone answer these questions?