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I'm new to telemedicine billing. Is there flexibility in way the date of service is configured? More specific could we use universal time Vs local time? My company is billing services for the next date instead of the date services were rendered. For example we are open for care 24 hours a day but if a patient is seen after 9pm we will bill the claim's DOS for the next business day even if that’s not the actual date services were rendered.

I’ve never heard of this and I did not feel this was ethical but when I asked around I was told our practice use a universal time method which allow us to bill this way. So if a patient was seen at 10pm on 7/30/2020 we could bill services out with a date of service 07/31/2020. I was also told this is common in telemedicine b/c the doctor and patient may live in to separate states to remove confusion we have use universal time.


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Well, I could be wrong (first time for everything), but Universal Time is what used to be known as Greenwich Meridian Time. So my local time would be GMT-8 for Pacific Standard Time. I'm not really seeing what that has to do with the price of eggs (I'm showing my age now).

In reality, it looks like they are billing from the provider's time zone. If I got a bill saying I was seen on 7/31/2020, and I was not, I would notify my insurance carrier that the provider was billing incorrectly at best and fraudulently at worst. What if I'm seen on 8/31/20 and my insurance changes on 9/1/20 (and it did this year)?