Unna Boots & Profore wraps-Long term Care


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Our care partners which are RN's are going to be doing some Unna Boots and Profore wraps because we have a need for this to be done on the floors. I was asked if this is something that they could bill for with the physician being in the building. The CPT is 29580.

In doing research on this I found a similar questions and this was the response….

“In an outpatient hospital setting, nurse services can only be billed by the facility - 'incident to' billing is not allowed. The physician may not bill a professional fee unless he or she personally performed the service. Under CMS rules, CPT code 29580 may be performed under 'general supervision' rules, which does not require the physical presence of the physician, but the service will only be billed as a facility fee - it is not possible to bill physician claim in this situation.”

My thought is we can code the 29580 with a TC modifier which will be facility only in Long term care. Anyone with experience on this?


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29580 does not have a separate professional and technical component (modifier TC), so you cannot bill with the modifier.

What exactly is the place of service?