Urology operative report

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Hello! I am new to urology. Would someone let me know the codes used for this report:

Procedure: Cystoscopy, right retrograde pyelogram and right stents change

Cystoscopy was performed with a 21-French cystoscopy which was placed inside the bladder direct vision. Examination revealed a stent exiting the
right ureter. The stent was grasped with grasping forceps and removed. An open-ended catheter was inserted into the right ureter and contrast was injected under fluoroscopy and radiographic interpretation of the image revealed a narrowing of the mid ureter consistent with known pelvic mass. Because of the persistent narrowing of the ureter, I felt__ 1.05 __replace the stent. Through the open-ended catheter, I negotiated sensor tip guidewire into the upper collecting system and then removed the open ended catheter. Over the guidewire, I then negotiated 6x22 cm silhouette stent so there was a curl in the renal pelvis and curl in the bladder at the conclusion of the placement.

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