Question Venotomy in arm

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Can anyone give me suggestions on what CPT to use for my situation?
Patient cut his PICC line and the catheter was left in so provider went in and cut it out. This provider didn't replace the PICC line.
Here is part of the Op-Note:
**Procedure: Ultrasound was used to localize and mark the catheter. Under sterile prep and drape, 1% Lidocaine local anesthetic was infused in the subcutaneous tissues around the periphery of the mark. Blunt dissection was used to find and isolate the vein. A tiny venotomy was made and the catheter was delivered. The venotomy was closed transversely with 5-0 prolene in running fashion. 4-0 nylon suture was used in running fashion to repair the defect.
I appreciate any help you have.