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Badlapur, Maharashtra
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How to code below scenario?

Angioplasty and stent placement done in 4 different veins lower extremity.
But only 2 stents are used for 4 veins.

Need help with stent placement codes.

37238,37239? or 27238, 37239*3 ?

Indication for venography: Evaluate for stenosis, thrombosis, or occlusion
Vein catheterized: Left common iliac vein
Findings: Severe occlusion of the left common iliac vein with extensive pelvic collaterals. There is sluggish flow into the IVC.

Venoplasty location: Left common iliac vein
Venoplasty balloon: Conquest 6 mm x 6 cm
Post-intervention venography: Improved flow into the IVC

Venoplasty location: Left external iliac, common femoral, and femoral vein
Venoplasty balloon: Conquest 8 mm x 10 cm
Post-intervention venography: Improved flow through the veins with decreased collaterals

Venous stent placement
Venous stent location: Iliac bifurcation to the left common femoral vein
Venous stent: Two Venovo 12 mm x 8 cm stents
Post-stenting venoplasty: Conquest 10 mm x 8 cm
Post-stenting venography: Improved flow throughout the veins with decreased pelvic collaterals