Wiki What are considered Medicare b Auxiliary Personnel for welcome to Medicare physical and risk assessment


Denver, CO
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Hi Folx, We are a HIV/LGBTQ+ integrated care clinic who is partially funded by grants. We have received a grant that focuses on people living with HIV who are becoming eligible for Medicare b. The grant specifically focuses on the Welcome to Medicare physical and risk assessment. The grant requires we bill Medicare b for these services in order for the patient to be eligible for additional grant funded services. The grant is for funding our healthy aging program which is supported by non licensed personal and MSW's. I am needing to find a list of who qualifies as Auxiliary/ancillary personnel with Medicare b. There is a big debate on who can and cannot assist the provider with the risk assessment.
Also, anyone that has experience with Welcome to Medicare visits. If our NP does an initial visit, can we bill incident to for the welcome visit? thanks everyone.