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Thank you for liking my post-partum post! I'm a new coder but an old nurse. Haven't found a job yet but I'll keep trying until August when my AAPC dues are due because I'm not renewing. Thanks again!
I am starting a new job at a small clinic. When I see their imaging documentation it is on the letterhead of the facility they contract to read it not on the letterhead of the facility who performed the imaging. To me there is no way of proving that we did the imaging. Everyone wants to fix this by adding a statement stating it was done at our facility. Is that enough?
Can you bill a 96110 for a elderly patient?
If you cant what would be the best code to bill for a cognitive mini mental assessment?
Thank you very much, Nielynco, for your detailed explanation with rational. It definitely helps! Thank you. :)
Hi, I'm new here. I ordered a new book and I did not receive a tracking number for my order. Is anyone had an experience when you order here that doesn't have a tracking number. I understand if it is late coming. but I want to have a tracking number so I can monitor when it is coming.
Hello Everyone, This year for some odd reason Emblem Health (GHI) is now denying the GYN preventative visit. They are stating this is not a covered benefit under the providers specialty. I was wondering if anyone else from NY has come across this problem recently and if you have had any luck reaching a HUMAN being to get it straightened out? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Hello everyone! I am currently studying for the COC Certification, but I only have last year's books. I was hoping someone here with the COC certification could tell me how necessary they think it will be to have this year's books. I can't afford to spend more money right now:confused:!
Ortho coders when do you use the 29898 along with other codes, especially when they involve the joint sections debrided
the debridement is not the main procedure in this case?
I would like to know if any students came across technical issues with regards to taking the online exams with examity? what was their experience with taking
the online exams.
I saw your post on AAPC. I am looking for a code for harvesting a graft from the hard palate. Not the mucosal part, but the actual bony palate part to put into the orbit to reconstruct it and make it possible for an artificial eye to stay in the eye socks. Thank you for any help.
Donna Nall, CPC, OCS
For the 2021 E&M guidelines, would anybody have any clear documentation on the following: Physician performs an examination on a patient and determines they need to perform an echocardiogram. The physician performs the echo instead of the echo tech. Would you include the time spent on the E&M, as well as, the time spent performing the ECHO and bill your level of service based on total time spent with the patient?
Controversy in coding Emergency Room facility fee and Pro Fee. We are a Critical Access Hospital Method 2. It is practice to place modifier 25 on both the profee and he facility fee. Is this correct? thanks, Pat
I also work for a CAH and for Medicare/ED claims I do not place a 25 modifier either. The revenue code is differentiate between the CPT codes.
Is there a code for S1 Laminotomy? I am only seeing codes for Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar. Physician states he performed a laminotomy at S1 during a procedure where L2 - S1 bilateral laminectomies were done. Thank you.
What would be considered entry level jobs with the CPC? Most of the entry level jobs I search still require 1 year experience.
This is perhaps more difficult to overcome than passing the CPC! I was lucky enough to be asked to volunteer for a month at a project run by my AAPC mentor who was recoding encounters for a public health agency. They had been coded conventionally and had to be recoded for the grants that would pay them. The project was really only two weeks and got me my first entry level position.
Hello, I am new at all this... I am an LPN that would like to get my CPC. I have received all my books but, need info on where to go for practice tests or lessons any tips greatly appreciated.
Hi Rhavell I completed the CPC test just last June 2020. I went to a local school where they provided the course to teach and since I was very new to all this , it was a great help for me. After the course I signed for the test on AAPC. I would advise to reach out to the AAPC and seek for some real advice. Hope this was helpful.
I went to Fortis College, but could have gone to a less expensive community college in my area. They offer courses toward an RHIT or RHIA, Registered Health Information Technician or Administrator. Finishing at Fortis, I took an exam for an NR-CCS. When I presented this certificate to a placement agent, I was told I had to have a CPC and that the NR-CCS was not a rigorous enough test for employment as a coder.
I’m a newbie, just got certified as professional coder, I am looking for an employer who is willing to train and mold me.I have a good ability to work with vendors and enterprise teams and can Independently interpret Medical codes and Clinical Guidelines. Please see my resume attached. Thank you for your time!
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Can you bill the primary ins under one tax ID and then bill the secondary under a different tax id. We have a hospital who send out the primary claims for 2 different insurance under their tax id, but changes and sends the claim to the secondary under our tax id number. This doesn't sound right to me. Is there any documentation on this
If a patient is admitted into a nursing facility because of covid 19 and you are the urologist (not a staff urologist) called in to change the patient's Foley, is there a covid 19 code that can be used primary or secondary to the urologic code?
Cynthia Hughes
I am not aware of any code that can be used in a nursing facility setting. Cindy
Hi Cblennie! In reference to adding 12 DX on a claim for risk adjustment scores. Can we add chronic diagnosis to the claim for the dates of services that the provider just list the chronic illnesses and does not treat or no plan of care on that day??? Also, how many times is recommended to add all the patients chronic diagnosis? Our patients come back to the office quite often for the year.
A word of caution to you and Isabella. The AAPC has a code of ethics that they expect coders to follow. Posting fake questions with inaccurate answers on the forum is a breach of profession conduct. AAPC has the right to revoke your credentials.
I&D when perform on the integument syst generally involve cutaneous/subcutaneous drainage of cysts/pustules/infections/hematomas/abscesses/seromas/fluid collections.I&D perform as part of another px, eg; to gain access to an area to perform another px/with other px such as excision/repair/destruction/removal, the I&D is not separately reported, if performed at the same anatomic site during the same encounter.3rd_Q_20
I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and need to take the CPC test exam again. I have taken it before in person and allowed to use the exam book as my test instead of transfering from book to test sheet. So I can't take the exam without the paper booklet and in person. Is there any Chapter in Southern CA that I can take the CPC exam in a COVID prepared exam room? I am a senior citizen and time is not my friend.
I noticed you had posted regarding OWCP claims. I wanted to ask have you had to file any telehealth claims? And if so have you been successful getting them paid for? Thank you so much in advance.
We don't do telehealth, sorry. We are pain management and my provider firmly believes that there are types of medical care that cannot be done remotely.
Ok thank you
NEW PRACTICE MANAGER RESOURCE MATERIALS - Selling some practice management books; 3 in total. Asking $100 and I will pay USPS of $15.99. Great condition. 1) The Coding Institute Practice Management, 2) AAPC Physician Practice, Compliance Reference Guide, 3)The Medical Management Institute, The Medical Office Policy Manual, McGraw Hill.
Question: Our providers are trying to bill for a small bowel Tattoo but there is not a submucosal injection code with in the 44360-44373 family. The procedure was 44360- Do you know what code to use to also bill for the submucosal injection in the small bowel antegrade approach?
Question: I recently had to visit an urgent care facility for a laceration of my left index finger. It only required 4 sutures. I have a $50 copay; I returned in a week for removal of the sutures. Should I be billed again for the procedure, or is there a global period since the sutures would have to be removed? (from a slightly rusty CPC :() Appreciate your thoughts.
Hi Gem
You should not be charged to remove sutures UNLESS you have developed a new problem related to your repair.
Lady T.
Looking for HCPCS code for a Phasix bioprosthetic mesh. Mesh was used to secure a gracilis muscle flap closure to correct a large defect caused by rectal cancer removal. What would this code be and is this billable with the 15734?
Hi AAPC Members ,
It is a hamble request as we know , we are all in finacial crisis during covid 19 can any one donate the 2020 medical coding books or borrow me for a day of up coming exam which is expecting on Auguest 22 my contact is 469-258-6842 and email is
Thanks ,
I'm currently studying CRC- I do have questions here and there- would you be willing to help?
yes I just took CRC-I glad am to help.
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann
Thank you.. can I send a couple of questions about documentation a little later?- I'm working about 10 hours today. You can answer of course when you have time.