With more than 250,000 members in 39 countries

AAPC is the world's leading healthcare association, providing training and certifications globally.

AAPC Worldwide

We Provide an Ecosystem to Help Countries Train and Support Skilled Medical Professionals

AAPC ecosystem diagram

AAPC has the largest network of medical billing, coding and HIM professionals. We provide an ecosystem that supports training and certification, ongoing professional development and the tools necessary to build and sustain a skilled workforce.

We support the needs of governments, regulatory authorities, payers and providers around the world.

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AAPC ecosystem

How We Benefit Both Individuals and Organizations

Industry Professionals

  • AAPC certification represents excellence in a specific field.
  • Career advancement and increased job opportunity for members.
  • Access to world-class resources and support to stay current on an evolving industry.
  • Inclusion in an international community of like-minded peers for professional development, networking and socializing.


  • Validate employees' knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Establish standards and requirements to ensure professionals meet a baseline level of qualifications.
  • Reduce occurrence of fraud waste and abuse.
  • Save money through improved coding accuracy and job performance.

Mission & Purpose

  • We collaborate with regulators, providers and organizations to establish and promote standards related to the fields of medical coding, billing, auditing and health information management.
  • We validate working professionals’ knowledge, skills and competencies through industry certification and credentialing.
  • We support the professional development of industry workers through training, networking and job growth.
  • We provide comprehensive solutions and resources to help organizations manage complex problems and improve their business.
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